About Art Falcone – SF Giants Thoughts and Opinions

As a lifelong fan of the San Francisco Giants, Art Falcone has seen it all. Willie Mays and Willie McCovey were both childhood heroes of Mr. Falcone’s, and he has happily expressed his fandom at both Candlestick Park and AT&T Park over the years. After so many seasons without a World Series, Art has been overjoyed by the club’s recent run of titles and is still in a state of disbelief that his favorite team has become one of baseball’s great dynasties.

At SF Giants Thoughts and Opinions, Art intends to offer his unique perspective on all things relating to the San Francisco Giants as seen from his regular season seat in the lower level of AT&T Park. Art does not intend on this being a news site and firmly believes that he has so many thoughts and opinions on the team that there would be no possible way to share them all. While Art is indeed a fan of the team first, he is no apologist and intends on offering nothing but his unfiltered perspective on the team, for good or for ill.

Of course, after witnessing firsthand what the Giants have been able to accomplish over the past five seasons, Art is more than willing to give the front office, the coaching staff and the players the benefit of the doubt. After all, a team that is able to win the title for the third time in five seasons after sneaking into the playoffs with a Wild Card berth must know something other teams do not. Art always wants the team to do well, so his posts will likely reflect his desire to see winning baseball on a regular basis.

When Art is not at the ballpark or writing posts for the site, he can often be found speaking with the random Giants fans he runs into on the streets of San Francisco. Art and his famous and unbelievably friendly Pit Bull named “Baby B” — whose name is inspired by Orlando Cepeda’s nickname, “Baby Bull” — often take long walks through different parts of the city while all decked out in their black and orange attire. If you ever see them, feel free to say hello to talk all you want about baseball and the Giants. Art and Baby B are even happy to talk to Dodgers fans who want to discuss the long and storied history of the rivalry.