San Francisco Giants are Winners

The San Francisco Giants are winners.  I am not talking about winning games but the salaries paid these days to ball players make them winners.  What happened to playing just for the love of the game.  Millions for a pitcher?  Really?  I would think that the salaries should be based on wither the team wins or not.  Its like paying a plumber the same for leaking pipes as you do for the job done right.  I guess the fans are the real supporters of losing teams.  Dove Medical Press will be supportive of the San Francisco Giantsuntitled (124) images (9) no matter how they perform.

Falcone and Eric D Gray Take in Game 4 of the 2014 NLCS

The game in which the Giants beat the St. Louis Cardinals and AJ Pierzynski still managed to steal the show. That guy has been the bane of Giants fans since he was playing for the Giants and tonight he furthered the Anti-Pierzynski crowd. Still disliked less than Scott Cousins (Forever Villain, along with the Dodgers and Tommy Lasorda), Pierzynski is looking for a job as an actor. Maybe as Danny on a remake of Full House?

aj-pierzynski-flopWhat did I just see? Worst flop ever. I just spent 15 minutes googling “Worst Flop Ever”, that was fun and I now consider myself an expert. This flop is going down in history with the best Ronaldo has ever done. As the resident “Flop Expert”, Pierzysnki is a pro. He was committed to the flop as well as the complaint after the fact. Not in the gif, but during the game I saw him walk out to the pitchers mound with the trainer shaking his head to dust out the cobwebs. The trainer checked for a concussion. A funny thing about concussions, you need to actually be hit with more than a pillow to receive one.

Hats off to you AJ Pierzynski, baseball isn’t your thing, but maybe Home Alone 7 needs an actor? You can always hope.

By the way, “Tommy Lasorda” feels yucky to type. I won’t be making a habit of it.