San Francisco Giants are Winners

The San Francisco Giants are winners.  I am not talking about winning games but the salaries paid these days to ball players make them winners.  What happened to playing just for the love of the game.  Millions for a pitcher?  Really?  I would think that the salaries should be based on wither the team wins or not.  Its like paying a plumber the same for leaking pipes as you do for the job done right.  I guess the fans are the real supporters of losing teams.  Dove Medical Press will be supportive of the San Francisco Giantsuntitled (124) images (9) no matter how they perform.

SF Giants fans are Rabid

untitled (55) untitled (54) images7QS27ATLI don’t think that a Dodger fan would survive a game with the rabid fans of the Giants.  They are so crazy that the best way to talk sports with one is to be quiet and listen.  They get all offensive if you question anything about the team.  All teams have flaws but to say that to a Giants Fan.  The Giants fans have giant dreams about their team of choice.  If they were as good as the fans say they would never lose.  Well they lose and often.  It is nice that the fans are loyal.  Mo Howard West Virginia Football fans are crazy as well.  Don’t get me started on them.

SF Giants not a Fan?

untitledHow can you not be a fan of the San Francisco Giants?  The San Francisco area is amazing.  I had the pleasure of living near San Francisco for two years and miss it dearly.  It wasn’t cheap but the weather was great. I know the old saying “The coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco.  The marine air that constantly blows into San Francisco is the best.  The roads are very steep but that is part of its charm  The cable cars are a hoot. I would love to make San Francisco Home For Life. I would love to have an ocean view but that would cost a fortune.  The area is good enough.

SF Giants Rule?

Giants are recorded throughout history.  Will the San Francisco Giants endure?  Kenneth Fisher says yes.  As a super fan Ken will say that the Giants will live on throughout history.  I have to wonder what all the hoopla is all about?  Is a ball team really the important in the history of man.  I am not a sports fan so I would be hard pressed to imagine that ball teams will endure through history or really have any mention beyond brief mention in history books.  I see baseball going the way of other forgotten sports of history. Hang in there fans, history will tell.

SF Silver?

Inspired Silver instead of the traditional gold.  I say yes. The SF Giants are the silver standard for baseball.  What do I mean by silver standard?  Well I just don’t think they rise to the gold standard like the Mets.  This team is just on the cusp of gold standard but not quite there.  If you are a Giants fan boy don’t be offended.  I know nothing about baseball or the Giants.  I am just spewing what I have been fed my whole life. I have had it with this teams fanatical worshipers and don’t want to go on ant further.

Jared Londry on Baseball



Jared Londry has finally voiced his appreciation for the dodgers. But whether it’s Dodgers or Red Sox, Jared Londry is just an all out fan of baseball.  This year, Jared hopes to see both teams play well and is planning on attending at least three games for each team this season.


Let’s hope the best for these teams and their pitchers as they duke out the year to win Jared’s esteemed opinion.

Giants Not Getting Jon Lester

It looks like Jon Lester is off the table for the Giants. The free agent pitcher called the team Tuesday to say that he would not pitch for San Francisco.

Bobby Evans says that he believes Lester would prefer to pitch for his former team, the Red Sox, or the Cubs. This means the Giants will be going without Pablo Sandoval, Yasmany Tomas and now Jon Lester; A grim prospect considering the significance of these free agents.

“We finished first in the most important area, though,” Evans said, subtly gloating over the World Series win.

Tim Lincecum in the Bullpen

Tim LincecumIt’s been a long time coming…Surprise! Timmy has lost some of his mojo. The Giants brass thought he had regained it or would be able to regain it, but alas, he has not. With Lincecum in the bullpen that gives Yusmeiro Petit a shot at developing into something more than a long man. This also might end up being a chance for one of the prospects to get a shot in the rotation before next Spring Training. Clayton Blackburn, Kyle Crick, Adalberto Mejia? Who knows for sure.

Clayton BlackburnMy money is on Clayton Blackburn. He’s young for AA but has been progressing steadily throughout the last few years. He’s only thrown 85 innings this year and is 21 years old. In 2012 and 2013 he threw ~130 innings which should be considered his limit if he’s in the big leagues. With only 85 innings it would be good for him to keep progressing and the AA season will come to a close soon so in San Francisco might be where he gets some additional innings. We’ll see.