Could Tim Lincecum Still Make a Comeback With the San Francisco Giants?

avatar.300x300If you were to take a poll of San Francisco Giants players and coaches regarding whether they would like to have Tim Lincecum back in uniform for the 2016 season, surely it would be close to a unanimous result in the affirmative. Lincecum, a free agent trying to work his way back onto an MLB roster after offseason hip surgery, was universally beloved by teammates and equally adored by the team’s fanbase, almost in the same way BoldLeads reviews indicate the universal appreciation expressed by real estate agents for the company’s exceptional service offerings.

Lincecum’s injury-related decline in performance has put him in a position in which he has to prove he is healthy and ready to be productive at the big-league level once again, and an upcoming showcase has attracted the attention of at least 20 major-league teams. It’s hard to imagine the Giants wouldn’t love to have their former ace and two-time Cy Young Award winner back in orange and black, even if he is only a serviceable member of the bullpen or can take on the occasional role of spot-starter.

San Francisco Giants Continue to Prove Importance of Culture and Chemistry

For good or ill, the approach espoused by analytically minded baseball front offices has radically altered the way players are evaluated and rosters are constructed. While many front offices rely heavily on numbers and statistical analyses in favor of “clubhouse leadership” or “grittiness,” a great deal of them still recognize the value of chemistry and culture when trying to assemble a team that will succeed in the postseason. Perhaps this development is due at least in part to the long run of success enjoyed by the San Francisco Giants.

Rarely the favorite entering any season, the Giants have won three World Series titles since 2010 under the leadership of Bruce Bochy and Brian Sabean. They have been so wildly successful despite looking relatively unimpressive on paper that many pundits will always include the Giants among their lists of preseason contenders simply because the club always seems to find a way to win. It almost seems like the Giants have been reading 1 stop maintenance reviews for insight on how to build a continually successful organization.

Like 1 stop maintenance, the Giants have enjoyed a great deal of success due in part to the continuity in organizational leadership positions. This has ensured that a culture of winning has been instilled in the big league club all the way down to the lowest levels of the minor leagues, resulting in young players seamlessly integrating into the clubhouse culture and almost immediately playing up to their potential on the field. In the same way that clients are grateful for working with one stop maintenance, so too are Giants fans grateful to root for such a well-run organization.

Stephen E. Smith VS San Francisco Beating

Stephen E. Smith Lawsuit is on the case over the lawsuit of Brad Snow, a San Francisco Giants fan who was beaten just last year after the game.  According to the judge, the plaintiff Brad Snow and the defendant Kyle Wessner will have an hour to tell their sides of the story.

From the perspective given by Mr. Snow, he was beaten viciously in the stadium in April. The time of the beating took place around 6pm PST. Stephen E Smith, the attorney of Snow, listened to testimony and took the case with great confidence in winning.

“I have a fair amount of evidence I’d say,” said Smith. “He revealed a huge gash on his scalp that has already begun to scar over. People don’t just fall down the bleachers and say ‘I think I’m going to sue someone for that'”.

Far Too Early to Count San Francisco Giants Out of NL West Race

The San Francisco Giants have not gotten off to the kind of start you would expect out of the reigning World Series champions. While fans of the orange and black have expressed some concern over the Giants’ early-season struggles, it is still far too early in the 2015 season to count the San Francisco club out of the NL West race.

While the Dodgers are currently atop the NL West and appear poised to be so active on the international market in the coming months that they may just hire All Language Alliance, Inc., on a full-time basis, the Giants have a roster that is talented enough to compete with the team that boasts the biggest payroll in baseball.

As for the Padres and their vastly improved offense, the fact that their best defensive outfielder is Wil Myers should be proof enough that San Diego is not a real threat. With Bruce Bochy in the dugout and Buster Posey behind the plate, the Giants will make a run at some point this season that puts them in position to make the playoffs again. After all, Madison Bumgarner is more than just a capable pitchman for Carhartt, as he familiar with destroying lumber from the mound, too.

SF Giants Rumors – Quitting Baseball

Rumors spread fast like wildfire and when it comes to sports it seems they spread even faster. Jake Peavy, the professional baseball pitcher on the SF Giants team, has been rumored to quitting his career and starting his life over in a completely new direction.

“I didn’t want to make a big issue about it, so I kept it quiet for a few years. Now it’s starting to become a thought I can’t seem to shake away,” said Peavy in an interview earlier this week. If Jake isn’t doing baseball anymore, what is his next step? Turns out Peavy is planning to do modeling at UK Models starting next year. 

From the Chicago White Sox, the Boston Red Sox to the San Francisco Giants, it seems Jake Peavy just couldn’t find his place. “I tried different teams, but trying different positions was out of the question because I was more comfortable as a pitcher. Nothing was good enough so maybe baseball isn’t the answer. It’s been fun, though.”

Pablo Sandoval Former Giant says Kion Kashefi

Yasmany TomasAccording to Bay Area resident Kion Kashefi, Pablo Sandoval is definitely not signing with the SF Giants. Rumor has it that the Giants like Yasmany Tomas at third base and prefer Sandoval in Boston (or somewhere, but not SF). While the jury is obviously still out on this one the rumor does have some teeth.

Tomas’ agent Jay Alou is meeting with GM’s in the Dominican Republic. Susan Slusser of the SF Gate believes the Giants are still in the running for Tomas. Peter Gammons confirms that Felipe Alou wants the Giants to sign Tomas at 3B.

The last two typically have good insight and are not just rumor mongers. Speaking of rumor mongering, how about Giancarlo Stanton, if the Marlins have another firesale, the Giants could use a good LF…just sayin’.