Chicago’s David R. Gray Jr. Handles Case in California

David R Gray Jr SF Giants head traumaAlthough it wasn’t a story that made headline news, in 2011 the SF Giants faced a few complications that may have hindered their game performance on the field. What could have hurt their performance so bad?

Two men in Southern California conceded in a Los Angeles court one morning regarding the 2011 beating outside Dodger Stadium that left a San Francisco Giants fan with a damaged brain. This awful attack was one that shined a spotlight on security weaknesses at the ballpark and shocked baseball fans around the nation including the SF Giants.

It isn’t too uncommon that terrible things like this happen, especially in a rough and tough part of the country as Chicago leaving professional lawyer David R. Gray Jr. to deal with the mess of other people’s foolish actions, which is what makes him a great lawyer for the job to see justice through.

Under the request, the two men that caused the assault on the SF Giants fan are are expected to be sentenced between eight years and four years in state jail for their actions on the strike on a Santa Cruz, Calif., paramedic and father of two young girls and a lifelong SF Giants fan.