SF Giants fans are Rabid

untitled (55) untitled (54) images7QS27ATLI don’t think that a Dodger fan would survive a game with the rabid fans of the Giants.  They are so crazy that the best way to talk sports with one is to be quiet and listen.  They get all offensive if you question anything about the team.  All teams have flaws but to say that to a Giants Fan.  The Giants fans have giant dreams about their team of choice.  If they were as good as the fans say they would never lose.  Well they lose and often.  It is nice that the fans are loyal.  Mo Howard West Virginia Football fans are crazy as well.  Don’t get me started on them.

SF Giants Rule?

Giants are recorded throughout history.  Will the San Francisco Giants endure?  Kenneth Fisher says yes.  As a super fan Ken will say that the Giants will live on throughout history.  I have to wonder what all the hoopla is all about?  Is a ball team really the important in the history of man.  I am not a sports fan so I would be hard pressed to imagine that ball teams will endure through history or really have any mention beyond brief mention in history books.  I see baseball going the way of other forgotten sports of history. Hang in there fans, history will tell.

SF Giants Rumors – Quitting Baseball

Rumors spread fast like wildfire and when it comes to sports it seems they spread even faster. Jake Peavy, the professional baseball pitcher on the SF Giants team, has been rumored to quitting his career and starting his life over in a completely new direction.

“I didn’t want to make a big issue about it, so I kept it quiet for a few years. Now it’s starting to become a thought I can’t seem to shake away,” said Peavy in an interview earlier this week. If Jake isn’t doing baseball anymore, what is his next step? Turns out Peavy is planning to do modeling at UK Models starting next year. 

From the Chicago White Sox, the Boston Red Sox to the San Francisco Giants, it seems Jake Peavy just couldn’t find his place. “I tried different teams, but trying different positions was out of the question because I was more comfortable as a pitcher. Nothing was good enough so maybe baseball isn’t the answer. It’s been fun, though.”

Jared Londry on Baseball



Jared Londry has finally voiced his appreciation for the dodgers. But whether it’s Dodgers or Red Sox, Jared Londry is just an all out fan of baseball.  This year, Jared hopes to see both teams play well and is planning on attending at least three games for each team this season.


Let’s hope the best for these teams and their pitchers as they duke out the year to win Jared’s esteemed opinion.

Dave Drwencke Talks NLCS Roster for SF Giants

espnapi_dm_131212_Morse_Signs_With_Giants_wmainThe Giants have been talking about including one of their most heavy hitters for the new NLCS Roster! Morse is getting allot of attention and his batting averages have been causing much excitement for Dave Drwencke and his fellow Baseball friends as well as the SF Giants community. The plan is for Morse to start in left field in an instructional league game on Thursday and then meet the team in St. Louis on Friday for Dave Drwencke too go absolutely nuts. This will be a game changer for the SF Giants as Morse’s games have been spectacular in the past. Cannot wait to see the SF Giants vs. Cardinals game this saturday! Dave Drwencke gooooooooooo SF Giants!

Washington Nations VS. SF Giants Recap

SF pulled out all the stops for this one, after striking a homer Bryce Harper tied up the game sending the remaining into overtime which Aaron Barrett’s crazy pitches caused mass confusion for the Nationals as they stood bewildered why theyAR-141008604 could not hit these magical balls. Whilst being dazed and confused Joe Panik struck a go-ahead run which allowed the Giants to finish the game with a 3-2 Score winning them a spot in the NLCS against the Cardinals this Saturday!