The Groza Learning Center Explains Value of an Individualized Approach to Tutoring

Students learn in classrooms alongside 25 to 35 other students in the majority of educational settings, and each of these students has a unique learning style and is operating from a vastly different base of knowledge. This means that teachers are tasked with developing lesson plans that are suited to a wide variety of learning styles and also provide the proper context and background information so that all students are able to achieve their individual academic goals.

While this approach can certainly be effective for all students, it is important to note that the utilization of tutoring sessions as a supplemental approach to the traditional classroom can ensure that students receive a well-rounded education and are able to yield the greatest possible benefit from their academic pursuits. The Groza Learning Center, for example, provides students with individualized tutoring sessions along with the opportunity to work in small peer groups, thereby ensuring that all students are able to benefit from a personalized approach to education.

Individualized Attention Ensures Students Achieve Academic Goals

The benefits of an individualized approach should be quite evident, particularly since a teacher with a classroom of 30 students will only be able to devote so much attention to each individual student on a daily basis. Through the use of tutoring, each student benefits from a strategy specifically designed to achieve their personal academic goals. This is accomplished through the implementation of strategies that take the student’s preferred learning style into account while also focusing on the content areas requiring the greatest amount of attention. Since there is no need to account for the needs of other students, individualized tutoring sessions can be paced according to the specific academic progress of the student.

As a supplementary part of an education, Scott Groza of the Groza Learning Center believes students can gain a great deal from the individualized attention available through one-on-one tutoring sessions. Students who are introverted and prefer a quiet space for learning benefit from the individualized approach but still have access to cooperative learning opportunities in small peer group sessions as well. In addition to the academic performance gains made through tutoring, students also learn practical study habits and strategies that can be applied throughout the remainder of their academic career, further underscoring the beneficial nature of individualized tutoring sessions.