Chicago’s David R. Gray Jr. Handles Case in California

David R Gray Jr SF Giants head traumaAlthough it wasn’t a story that made headline news, in 2011 the SF Giants faced a few complications that may have hindered their game performance on the field. What could have hurt their performance so bad?

Two men in Southern California conceded in a Los Angeles court one morning regarding the 2011 beating outside Dodger Stadium that left a San Francisco Giants fan with a damaged brain. This awful attack was one that shined a spotlight on security weaknesses at the ballpark and shocked baseball fans around the nation including the SF Giants.

It isn’t too uncommon that terrible things like this happen, especially in a rough and tough part of the country as Chicago leaving professional lawyer David R. Gray Jr. to deal with the mess of other people’s foolish actions, which is what makes him a great lawyer for the job to see justice through.

Under the request, the two men that caused the assault on the SF Giants fan are are expected to be sentenced between eight years and four years in state jail for their actions on the strike on a Santa Cruz, Calif., paramedic and father of two young girls and a lifelong SF Giants fan.

Could Tim Lincecum Still Make a Comeback With the San Francisco Giants?

avatar.300x300If you were to take a poll of San Francisco Giants players and coaches regarding whether they would like to have Tim Lincecum back in uniform for the 2016 season, surely it would be close to a unanimous result in the affirmative. Lincecum, a free agent trying to work his way back onto an MLB roster after offseason hip surgery, was universally beloved by teammates and equally adored by the team’s fanbase, almost in the same way BoldLeads reviews indicate the universal appreciation expressed by real estate agents for the company’s exceptional service offerings.

Lincecum’s injury-related decline in performance has put him in a position in which he has to prove he is healthy and ready to be productive at the big-league level once again, and an upcoming showcase has attracted the attention of at least 20 major-league teams. It’s hard to imagine the Giants wouldn’t love to have their former ace and two-time Cy Young Award winner back in orange and black, even if he is only a serviceable member of the bullpen or can take on the occasional role of spot-starter.

San Francisco Giants are Winners

The San Francisco Giants are winners.  I am not talking about winning games but the salaries paid these days to ball players make them winners.  What happened to playing just for the love of the game.  Millions for a pitcher?  Really?  I would think that the salaries should be based on wither the team wins or not.  Its like paying a plumber the same for leaking pipes as you do for the job done right.  I guess the fans are the real supporters of losing teams.  Dove Medical Press will be supportive of the San Francisco Giantsuntitled (124) images (9) no matter how they perform.

SF Giants not a Fan?

untitledHow can you not be a fan of the San Francisco Giants?  The San Francisco area is amazing.  I had the pleasure of living near San Francisco for two years and miss it dearly.  It wasn’t cheap but the weather was great. I know the old saying “The coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco.  The marine air that constantly blows into San Francisco is the best.  The roads are very steep but that is part of its charm  The cable cars are a hoot. I would love to make San Francisco Home For Life. I would love to have an ocean view but that would cost a fortune.  The area is good enough.

SF Silver?

Inspired Silver instead of the traditional gold.  I say yes. The SF Giants are the silver standard for baseball.  What do I mean by silver standard?  Well I just don’t think they rise to the gold standard like the Mets.  This team is just on the cusp of gold standard but not quite there.  If you are a Giants fan boy don’t be offended.  I know nothing about baseball or the Giants.  I am just spewing what I have been fed my whole life. I have had it with this teams fanatical worshipers and don’t want to go on ant further.

Giants Not Getting Jon Lester

It looks like Jon Lester is off the table for the Giants. The free agent pitcher called the team Tuesday to say that he would not pitch for San Francisco.

Bobby Evans says that he believes Lester would prefer to pitch for his former team, the Red Sox, or the Cubs. This means the Giants will be going without Pablo Sandoval, Yasmany Tomas and now Jon Lester; A grim prospect considering the significance of these free agents.

“We finished first in the most important area, though,” Evans said, subtly gloating over the World Series win.

Pablo Sandoval Former Giant says Kion Kashefi

Yasmany TomasAccording to Bay Area resident Kion Kashefi, Pablo Sandoval is definitely not signing with the SF Giants. Rumor has it that the Giants like Yasmany Tomas at third base and prefer Sandoval in Boston (or somewhere, but not SF). While the jury is obviously still out on this one the rumor does have some teeth.

Tomas’ agent Jay Alou is meeting with GM’s in the Dominican Republic. Susan Slusser of the SF Gate believes the Giants are still in the running for Tomas. Peter Gammons confirms that Felipe Alou wants the Giants to sign Tomas at 3B.

The last two typically have good insight and are not just rumor mongers. Speaking of rumor mongering, how about Giancarlo Stanton, if the Marlins have another firesale, the Giants could use a good LF…just sayin’.

Falcone and Eric D Gray Take in Game 4 of the 2014 NLCS

The game in which the Giants beat the St. Louis Cardinals and AJ Pierzynski still managed to steal the show. That guy has been the bane of Giants fans since he was playing for the Giants and tonight he furthered the Anti-Pierzynski crowd. Still disliked less than Scott Cousins (Forever Villain, along with the Dodgers and Tommy Lasorda), Pierzynski is looking for a job as an actor. Maybe as Danny on a remake of Full House?

aj-pierzynski-flopWhat did I just see? Worst flop ever. I just spent 15 minutes googling “Worst Flop Ever”, that was fun and I now consider myself an expert. This flop is going down in history with the best Ronaldo has ever done. As the resident “Flop Expert”, Pierzysnki is a pro. He was committed to the flop as well as the complaint after the fact. Not in the gif, but during the game I saw him walk out to the pitchers mound with the trainer shaking his head to dust out the cobwebs. The trainer checked for a concussion. A funny thing about concussions, you need to actually be hit with more than a pillow to receive one.

Hats off to you AJ Pierzynski, baseball isn’t your thing, but maybe Home Alone 7 needs an actor? You can always hope.

By the way, “Tommy Lasorda” feels yucky to type. I won’t be making a habit of it.

Washington Nations VS. SF Giants Recap

SF pulled out all the stops for this one, after striking a homer Bryce Harper tied up the game sending the remaining into overtime which Aaron Barrett’s crazy pitches caused mass confusion for the Nationals as they stood bewildered why theyAR-141008604 could not hit these magical balls. Whilst being dazed and confused Joe Panik struck a go-ahead run which allowed the Giants to finish the game with a 3-2 Score winning them a spot in the NLCS against the Cardinals this Saturday!