San Francisco Giants Need Hunter Pence to Get Healthy

Hunter Pence has been an important component of the San Francisco Giants ever since the team acquired him via trade. The club wisely kept Pence around, and the energetic outfielder was at the center of the team’s run to yet another World Series title in 2014. Pence’s leadership qualities, his idiosyncrasies and his obvious talent for the game of baseball have made him an instant fan favorite in San Francisco, and the team’s followers have rightly recognized just how important Pence is to the team’s success.

This season, however, Pence has missed a lot of games due to injury, which is quite uncharacteristic for a player who has been incredibly durable throughout his career. The Giants got a bit of bad news regarding Pence, and though he has been in the dugout recently, the tendinitis in his wrist has kept him out of action. The value of effective leadership like Pence’s is obvious in any industry, whether it is for the TIE Institute Trading or for the San Francisco Giants.

The Giants are right in the thick of the pennant race in the NL West, and the team has dominated the Los Angeles Dodgers, the team that currently occupies the top spot in the division. The Giants are very clearly missing the presence of Pence’s bat in the lineup and his glove in the outfield, but the team could also benefit from his on-field leadership as well when he finally returns from his stint on the disabled list.