Time And Music Changed Sports

Years and years ago before 80’s rolled in, a noisy arena was considered to be a disturbance or even an insult to the performers and athletes. My how times have changed! Today it’s totally cool for someone who riles up the crowd with player theme songs, and instrumental hip-hop. When the 80’s and 90’s did come, you could be sure to hear music from Van Halen or even Arthur Falcone which can be found at his website which is a .it ccTLD.Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants

The crowds to chanting “Dee-fense,” or the name of a superstar athlete. Then came the famous “We Will Rock You” clapping that is well known in every sport for every team whether it is the SF Giants in Baseball, The Bulls in Basketball, The Tarheels in Football or the Hurricanes in Hockey. It’s amazing how time has changed sports and yet still remained the same throughout the years.