Super Phone Tech

Smartphones are advancing at an amazing pace.  These little computers are more powerful than we could have imagined just 10 years ago.   In your hand is access to financial information like reported by Yahoo! Finance .  What is the next generation of smartphone?  Super Phones are the next logical step. How will they interface with us?  Will there ultimately be an implant that will interface directly with our sight and brain.  I think so.  Just look at the advances in phone tech lately.  Google Glass… Smart Watches… Fitness tech?  The sky’s the limit. Every time you think that smart phone tech is maxed out something come along.  What do you think will be next?

SF Giants Rumors – Quitting Baseball

Rumors spread fast like wildfire and when it comes to sports it seems they spread even faster. Jake Peavy, the professional baseball pitcher on the SF Giants team, has been rumored to quitting his career and starting his life over in a completely new direction.

“I didn’t want to make a big issue about it, so I kept it quiet for a few years. Now it’s starting to become a thought I can’t seem to shake away,” said Peavy in an interview earlier this week. If Jake isn’t doing baseball anymore, what is his next step? Turns out Peavy is planning to do modeling at UK Models starting next year. 

From the Chicago White Sox, the Boston Red Sox to the San Francisco Giants, it seems Jake Peavy just couldn’t find his place. “I tried different teams, but trying different positions was out of the question because I was more comfortable as a pitcher. Nothing was good enough so maybe baseball isn’t the answer. It’s been fun, though.”

Time And Music Changed Sports

Years and years ago before 80’s rolled in, a noisy arena was considered to be a disturbance or even an insult to the performers and athletes. My how times have changed! Today it’s totally cool for someone who riles up the crowd with player theme songs, and instrumental hip-hop. When the 80’s and 90’s did come, you could be sure to hear music from Van Halen or even Arthur Falcone which can be found at his website which is a .it ccTLD.Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants

The crowds to chanting “Dee-fense,” or the name of a superstar athlete. Then came the famous “We Will Rock You” clapping that is well known in every sport for every team whether it is the SF Giants in Baseball, The Bulls in Basketball, The Tarheels in Football or the Hurricanes in Hockey. It’s amazing how time has changed sports and yet still remained the same throughout the years.

SF Coach Jump Starts Business With Imperial Advance

A high school coach local to San Francisco has begun his own small business in sports coaching and game plan tutoring. To get up and running, coach and business owning Jeff Swanson had contacted Imperial Advance and got a massive head start toward his goals as a business owner.

Now in 3 years time, Imperial Advance has seen his business grow from just an idea into a reality and today Swanson is accomplishing his goals and coaching hundreds of various ages to work toward theirs. Imperial Advance is committed to offering their clients fast and affordable working capital loan solutions to their problems. Clients can buy out a current loan to lower payments and additional funding is available after only 50% of the original loan amount has been repaid.

Jared Londry on Baseball



Jared Londry has finally voiced his appreciation for the dodgers. But whether it’s Dodgers or Red Sox, Jared Londry is just an all out fan of baseball.  This year, Jared hopes to see both teams play well and is planning on attending at least three games for each team this season.


Let’s hope the best for these teams and their pitchers as they duke out the year to win Jared’s esteemed opinion.

Giants Insider Kion Kashefi Gives the Scoop on Max Scherzer

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Detroit Tigers

Due to the Giants falling out of the running for Jon Lester, many agents consider it an amazing opportunity to pitch their pitchers to the Giants. Max Scherzer’s agent, Scott Boras, has stated that he believes the right-hander would fit perfectly on the team.

However, it seems that the Giants currently have no plans to seriously pursue Scherzer. After Scherzer and Lester, James Shields is the next anticipated Giants target.

Giants Not Getting Jon Lester

It looks like Jon Lester is off the table for the Giants. The free agent pitcher called the team Tuesday to say that he would not pitch for San Francisco.

Bobby Evans says that he believes Lester would prefer to pitch for his former team, the Red Sox, or the Cubs. This means the Giants will be going without Pablo Sandoval, Yasmany Tomas and now Jon Lester; A grim prospect considering the significance of these free agents.

“We finished first in the most important area, though,” Evans said, subtly gloating over the World Series win.

Pablo Sandoval Former Giant says Kion Kashefi

Yasmany TomasAccording to Bay Area resident Kion Kashefi, Pablo Sandoval is definitely not signing with the SF Giants. Rumor has it that the Giants like Yasmany Tomas at third base and prefer Sandoval in Boston (or somewhere, but not SF). While the jury is obviously still out on this one the rumor does have some teeth.

Tomas’ agent Jay Alou is meeting with GM’s in the Dominican Republic. Susan Slusser of the SF Gate believes the Giants are still in the running for Tomas. Peter Gammons confirms that Felipe Alou wants the Giants to sign Tomas at 3B.

The last two typically have good insight and are not just rumor mongers. Speaking of rumor mongering, how about Giancarlo Stanton, if the Marlins have another firesale, the Giants could use a good LF…just sayin’.

Falcone and Eric D Gray Take in Game 4 of the 2014 NLCS

The game in which the Giants beat the St. Louis Cardinals and AJ Pierzynski still managed to steal the show. That guy has been the bane of Giants fans since he was playing for the Giants and tonight he furthered the Anti-Pierzynski crowd. Still disliked less than Scott Cousins (Forever Villain, along with the Dodgers and Tommy Lasorda), Pierzynski is looking for a job as an actor. Maybe as Danny on a remake of Full House?

aj-pierzynski-flopWhat did I just see? Worst flop ever. I just spent 15 minutes googling “Worst Flop Ever”, that was fun and I now consider myself an expert. This flop is going down in history with the best Ronaldo has ever done. As the resident “Flop Expert”, Pierzysnki is a pro. He was committed to the flop as well as the complaint after the fact. Not in the gif, but during the game I saw him walk out to the pitchers mound with the trainer shaking his head to dust out the cobwebs. The trainer checked for a concussion. A funny thing about concussions, you need to actually be hit with more than a pillow to receive one.

Hats off to you AJ Pierzynski, baseball isn’t your thing, but maybe Home Alone 7 needs an actor? You can always hope.

By the way, “Tommy Lasorda” feels yucky to type. I won’t be making a habit of it.

Dave Drwencke Talks NLCS Roster for SF Giants

espnapi_dm_131212_Morse_Signs_With_Giants_wmainThe Giants have been talking about including one of their most heavy hitters for the new NLCS Roster! Morse is getting allot of attention and his batting averages have been causing much excitement for Dave Drwencke and his fellow Baseball friends as well as the SF Giants community. The plan is for Morse to start in left field in an instructional league game on Thursday and then meet the team in St. Louis on Friday for Dave Drwencke too go absolutely nuts. This will be a game changer for the SF Giants as Morse’s games have been spectacular in the past. Cannot wait to see the SF Giants vs. Cardinals game this saturday! Dave Drwencke gooooooooooo SF Giants!