John Pryor: How Rugby Has Changed

You may not know this but I’ve been a fan of Rugby for many years. They aren’t the Giants, but I can appreciate any group of people dedicated to training hard and getting the job done. Today, I’ll be talking about just that. A man named John Pryor is an excellent example of the type of people needed behind the scenes that are shaping the face of sports.

John Pryor is the conditioning coach for the Japan Rugby Union. He also is the director of JointAction Group. With John Pryor heading these organizations, there has been a massive growth within both. He utilizes strategies that are goal oriented and have high expectations. His strength is his ability to conduct research in the field of bio-mechanics and physiology. This enables him to approach training based on specific individual circumstances. He is responsible for the development of the training programs for the Japan Rugby Union. His programs yield the best gains possible for team members.

His training is specialized just for Rugby. It has been a key factor in Japan’s recent success at international meets. After Japan defeated South Africa in the World Cup, his program was considered a major contributor to their program.

As the director of JointAction Group, his expertise enables this company to make great strides in the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries. With his knowledge of training and the application of biomechanics to competition, JointAction encourages him to develop strategies for reducing injuries within the work place. He uses nutrition, training, and the recovery process so workers are healthier and more productive while also reducing the risk of work injuries.

John Pryor earned a Masters Degree in Health Science in biomechanics at Southern Cross University. He found value in research and this enabled him to develop new strategies and methodologies in training programs. He also had previously worked with the Australian Rugby Union as a strength and conditioning coach. His philosophy stresses specialized training optimizes performance.

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