Dave Drwencke Talks NLCS Roster for SF Giants

espnapi_dm_131212_Morse_Signs_With_Giants_wmainThe Giants have been talking about including one of their most heavy hitters for the new NLCS Roster! Morse is getting allot of attention and his batting averages have been causing much excitement for Dave Drwencke and his fellow Baseball friends as well as the SF Giants community. The plan is for Morse to start in left field in an instructional league game on Thursday and then meet the team in St. Louis on Friday for Dave Drwencke too go absolutely nuts. This will be a game changer for the SF Giants as Morse’s games have been spectacular in the past. Cannot wait to see the SF Giants vs. Cardinals game this saturday! Dave Drwencke gooooooooooo SF Giants!

Washington Nations VS. SF Giants Recap

SF pulled out all the stops for this one, after striking a homer Bryce Harper tied up the game sending the remaining into overtime which Aaron Barrett’s crazy pitches caused mass confusion for the Nationals as they stood bewildered why theyAR-141008604 could not hit these magical balls. Whilst being dazed and confused Joe Panik struck a go-ahead run which allowed the Giants to finish the game with a 3-2 Score winning them a spot in the NLCS against the Cardinals this Saturday!

Cabrera Wins the Rematch!

After the Tiger’s close victory against the SF Giants they declared a rematch. This time Cabrera was ready and gave the ball another home run hit, Romo was stunned and didn’t know what to do. The Tiger’s ran around the circle, plate, field, confusing the SF Giants. Never before had they seen such running around the field. It was an excellent game and at the end Romo just didn’t get the break he wanted. Romo should have expected this and adjusted to his opponent.

Giants Series Stats

After Pounding two of the American League’s best pitchers, David Price and Rick Porcello, they could not carry there skills to the next level. The talk of a Giant offensive was buzzing into Detroit’s stadium but it was quickly crushed by Miguel Cabrera’s two run- homer’s in the span of six at-bat attempts. By this time the Giants were feeling crushed but they ended their trip 4-3, with  a 30-27 in the west division and 22-12 in the east, 16-16 against central, and 10-10 in the American League. Can they claim their lead again? I believe Romo’s pitching is enough to take them where they need to go and stay positive.

Giants Versus Tigers

The Giants did it again! 5-4 at the end of the final inning against the Tigers on Saturday. Sergio Romo watched in the eighth inning as a homer hit by Miguel Cabrera fly’s over head leading the tiger’s to a 4 point defeat. Romo had three years to prepare for when he would meet Cabrera again on the field and giving him a homer wasn’t what he was looking for but in the end it worked out for the SF Giants in the end.

Tim Lincecum in the Bullpen

Tim LincecumIt’s been a long time coming…Surprise! Timmy has lost some of his mojo. The Giants brass thought he had regained it or would be able to regain it, but alas, he has not. With Lincecum in the bullpen that gives Yusmeiro Petit a shot at developing into something more than a long man. This also might end up being a chance for one of the prospects to get a shot in the rotation before next Spring Training. Clayton Blackburn, Kyle Crick, Adalberto Mejia? Who knows for sure.

Clayton BlackburnMy money is on Clayton Blackburn. He’s young for AA but has been progressing steadily throughout the last few years. He’s only thrown 85 innings this year and is 21 years old. In 2012 and 2013 he threw ~130 innings which should be considered his limit if he’s in the big leagues. With only 85 innings it would be good for him to keep progressing and the AA season will come to a close soon so in San Francisco might be where he gets some additional innings. We’ll see.


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